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I guess I really did it this time
Broke my own mold, and crossed a line
I suppose I should be sorry
But I did it and I feel fine

I got what I wanted, so
I guess it doesn’t matter anyway
And I’m not the same girl now
that I was just yesterday

If I had just thought this through
I’m sure I would have changed my mind
But I stood too close to you
and now the girl I was, is left behind

I got what I wanted though
So it doesn’t matter anyway
But I’m not the same girl I knew
When I woke up yesterday

In the aftermath, a moonglow
Shines down on what we did
and though I know it shouldn’t be so
I can’t make myself regret it

You got what you wanted too
So it doesn’t matter either way
Things changed between me and you
and can’t go back to yesterday

So I’m writing you this song
to explain how I’m feeling
If you think you hurt me, you’re wrong
My heart won’t require healing

We got what we wanted now
and it doesn’t matter anyway
But I feel so new somehow
Now I’m free to start a new day