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Again exposed, for none to see
A secret room where I can be
Released from cupboard box and bows
To be the girl that no one knows
Fully confident and strong
Dancing to a private song
Outside a world that locked away
The shining light and love of play
The witching hour nears it’s end
So cherish now this time we spend
Outside the box and off the shelf
The only time I am myself
A girl that’s free, a soul that’s true
A girl in love with only you
Until you shut me off again
And I will wear a different skin
A girl you’d hardly recognize
Because you compartmentalized
The heart and soul I gave you here
But you lock me up and hide from fear
Of giving in to happiness
Or showing signs of some weakness
Im Put aside and filed away
Till next time you want to play
Don’t be surprised to one day see
I’ve run away, escaped and free


Oh you tripped and you tumbled and fell from a star
And you bruised and you bled then you started to scar
You were brighter than fire
Now you’re blacker than tar
And the earth that surrounds you has been scorched into char
And I saw and I spied and I watched from afar
As you sank and you struggled and became what you are
And they drove up to claim you in shiny black cars
And they watched you die slowly
Locked up in a jar

my little hands don’t look like much
should turn to stone, and forget their touch.
and lose their soft and nimble manner
light and gentle trace
Oh forget from each finger
the curves and lines of his face
Sacred heart should cease to beat
And turn to stone to lose its heat
Forget the simple song it played
turned monotone and hollowed
Harden to the sounds that changed
from joyfulness to sorrowed
And ears too, should lose their memory of whispered words so sweet
And turn to stone, in sure defense of beautiful deceit
Tender lips of petal pink
turn gray and cold in protection
Against the haunting ghost
of my lovers past affection
Oh turn to stone, to no longer miss
The lingering burn of our last kiss
And wash away from cheeks that blushed
The rosy glow of passioned lust
Please turn to stone and leave me pale
And frigid as a winters gale
As a statue, I’ll become
Strong, and still and keenly numb
Immune against the bitter frost
of remembered warmth of a lover lost

I guess I really did it this time
Broke my own mold, and crossed a line
I suppose I should be sorry
But I did it and I feel fine

I got what I wanted, so
I guess it doesn’t matter anyway
And I’m not the same girl now
that I was just yesterday

If I had just thought this through
I’m sure I would have changed my mind
But I stood too close to you
and now the girl I was, is left behind

I got what I wanted though
So it doesn’t matter anyway
But I’m not the same girl I knew
When I woke up yesterday

In the aftermath, a moonglow
Shines down on what we did
and though I know it shouldn’t be so
I can’t make myself regret it

You got what you wanted too
So it doesn’t matter either way
Things changed between me and you
and can’t go back to yesterday

So I’m writing you this song
to explain how I’m feeling
If you think you hurt me, you’re wrong
My heart won’t require healing

We got what we wanted now
and it doesn’t matter anyway
But I feel so new somehow
Now I’m free to start a new day