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If you’re dropped into a foreign environment – you either evolve to survive, or perish.
So far, I haven’t perished… not even close.

It’s been a while… several months since my last post. I may have lost my feel for this. I guess we’ll see…
Here’s whats new:

New job {err, newer new job}
More confidence
Happier kids
Other than that, more of the same.
I’m still a work in progress, but aren’t we all?
My kids are doing better than ever, having both made the honor roll.
It’s the first time for my youngest, he’s had many hurdles to overcome – from his bone marrow condition, to his vision impairment, he started learning to read 4 years after he should have…
and now he’s caught up quite nicely.  He still has to work harder than most, and he struggles sometimes.. but he always puts in that extra effort to get the work done, and done right! I’m so very proud! 
My oldest just turned 16 and has several colleges courting him – nothing Ivy League so far, but its early yet… lol.
I’m a lucky, and extremely proud mom.

I’m enjoying my new job, the company I work for is pretty great.
I briefly worked elsewhere, it didn’t last long,  I’m so glad to be out of that interesting new brand of hell. I had many promises made to me, but none came to fruition, or ever could really, the company was run very poorly, and the owner was one of the most obnoxious, repugnant creatures I’ve dealt with in quite a while…
2 years, in fact… Yup, my divorce began 2 whole years ago.  Still isn’t finalized… So much for filing “no-fault” just to get it over with as quickly as possible…SMH… 
Never the less, it continues on… as things often do.

Still single –  My choice. It’s just simpler this way… I’m not ready to put myself out there again, just to be disappointed, or disgusted. The last one was fooling around with a girl HALF his age, even I had 11 years on her… I’m so done with putting up with that kind of shameful, selfish, immature, behavior. I swear, the men I’ve met in my life are far worse than the stereotypes that women cook up. Go figure.
I don’t intend to bash men in my post… There are plenty of good ones… “Out-There” Which is a place I routinely avoid… I’m quite comfy with good-ole, safe, familiar in here.
See, I was already quite violently dropped into unfamiliar territory when I became a single mom… I began to evolve and adapt, and then promptly created a quiet, cozy little niche for myself and my kids… 
This is expected to change at some point… I know. But I’m good right now.

I’ve changed so much… This once frightened mouse of a girl, whom needed permission for everything… I couldn’t do, say or *Think* ANYTHING without fearing whether I’d be “in trouble” or not. Even down to my hair color, and style. I HAD to be blonde… no choice.  Now I’m a redhead… and I love it. It suits me, and it’s so much healthier… I use organic Henna.  – But, I digress… this isn’t about my hair… or my Ex… just really meant as an update on my life as I evolve and adapt…
I will continue to do so until my life is just right… But it’s getting there… Every day, just a little closer.

I think the bottom line is that right now, I’m not just surviving… but thriving!