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wordpress-family-award  has been generous to nominate me for the ‘WordPress Family’ Award! With humility, I am honored and appreciative to the incredibly awesome Thomas J Bellezza.

The rules follow:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is all folks. Please pick 10 people who have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.

I got started on WordPress a year ago with the intention of following a blogger that I found interesting, made me smile, and inspired me to start clickity clacking away at my little netbook as a means to vent my thoughts, feelings and overwhelming emotions in a manner that would be cathartic.  He didn’t change how I thought about writing… simply reminded me of how I already felt about writing.  And I fell in love with wordpress. The supportive community of writers that I can relate to has kept me coming back.  To read, to post, to comment… to be a real part of the wordpress community. Below is my list of 10 wonderful writers that I feel are an integral part of the wordpress family, and make my life richer, every time I read their posts. so without further delay, in no particular order, are the 10 I choose.

1. Not because he nominated me, but because he is an inspiration, both through his blogs and in his life.  A real member of my chosen family, and a permanent resident in my heart.

2.!/read/blog/id/25895014/ BBR Productions Inc. Bringing reality to your dreams one blog at a time. (always inspiring, always interesting to see their direction) 😉

3.!/read/blog/id/42277853/ Journal of the Everyday {AKA Embracing Possibilities}  When I found this blog, I was surprised at how much I can relate to this woman, her life and her stories. I have never met her and only have had the pleasure of getting to know her though her blogs, yet somehow I feel connected to her as a single mom with similar experiences.

4.!/read/blog/id/34411848/ The beautiful, hardworking Katrina Perkins is an explosive force in the entertainment industry. Acting is her passion, and she’s driven to make the most of her blossoming career.

5.!/read/blog/id/45163378/ Helenvalentina is a blog I’ve recently discovered… and I Completely LOVE absolutely EVERYTHING she posts. Every. Last. Word.  Please check her out. I cannot use any word less than LOVE for this blog.

6.!/read/blog/id/20378232/ Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge, is a smart and fun blog to follow.  Its interesting how his mind works.

7.!/read/blog/id/31777718/ Hope* the Happy Hugger – She’s lovely, inspiring, full of light, hope and kindness.  Kindness is a trait in people that I am drawn to and when I find a truly kind soul, I feel like I’ve won a prize. =)  Hope’s blogs are thought provoking and nurtures a kindness in all.

8.!/read/blog/id/32439920/ Stars Rain Sun Moon – Beautiful poetry.  The kind that slices through to the core of your soul and makes you FEEL every word.

9.!/read/blog/id/8406706/ Memoirs of a Dragon – Because the musings of dragons simply FASCINATE me, and this dragons musings are extrodinarily fascinating. =) 

10.!/read/blog/id/23405720/ Outside Perception – with only 10 that I can nominate, it’s hard to narrow down but I felt I simply HAD to mention this blog because this writer, after-all, was the very person I mentioned earlier that got me started here. He’s inspired me to pick up my passion for writing, and run with it.  and for that I am so very grateful. … This guy… is goofy, wacky, silly, Cuckoo… whatever, He’s entertaining. He has made me laugh many times… and of course, in the eternal words of Jessica Rabbit –  Laughter is a powerful thing.

Thank you to all of the above mentioned bloggers for being such wonderful members of  the WordPress family. =)