I need some space… Some air to breathe that isn’t tainted with the pungent aroma of the disease called deception.

Being alone is hard enough… But I’m discovering that it beats the alternatives. I do get attention, and I have been pursued… Sometimes the attention starts out unwanted from the get go… Easy enough. It’s not hard to brush that off… But then even the accepted attention unfailingly turns sour once I discover that he’s either already attached, and has no business pursuing me at all… Or he’s currently pursuing multiple women at once… Using the same tired tactics on each one… Pathetic.
This is why I’ve built my walls. And cannot take them down. Because I’ve been vulnerable… And discovered that there are people out there that seek out vulnerability and are driven to take advantage. Ugh! I just need a break from it all! I’d much rather focus on the things that are truly important in my life. So, I’m pulling back. Dropping out of social networks… I have a few social commitments to fulfill but after that, I’m not planning any new ones for a while. None of this is worth my sanity… It’s time for me to refocus.