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No sight or sound..

Only the essence of the missing….

whispered words… gentle embrace…

the fleeting ghost of a lovers kiss…

An entire garden in bloom shriveled, withered, turned to dust.

Disappeared without a trace…

What remains is darkness, a subtle chill, the distant fading echo of what was.

and the missing.





Draw me in…

allow me to fill you up and push my way through to every far corner of you.

I will energize and refresh you while you use me up and change me… leaving me different, unrecognizable, spent.

when there is nothing left i can do for you, push me out and start again…

{even after I’m gone, I’m still a part of you.}

You infected my world.

It started out so innocently, one tiny spore made its way in and before I realized what was happening i was overwhelmed and you were taking over.

I didn’t know you were draining me, feeding on me… but you were.  I was poisoned by you… intoxicating at first but the inevitable sickening took over.

Now, weakened but not dead, I am healing from the damages done.

And in the end, I’ll be stronger.

the fiery embers glowing brightly within me

the anticipation of you, moves me to burn hotter as every moment brings me closer to your touch.

This flame cannot be squelched easily.  Only your arrival, your embrace, the proper opportunity to fill my senses with you can douse this fire of longing.

Surreal.  In the midst of this hurricane, a perfect full moon brightly shines down through the whipping winds and driving rain.

All the homes and streetlamps have gone dark, and everyone is hunkered down in their cozy homes with their loved ones.  Riding out the thick of the storm. And the moonbeams bathe a landscape free of the pollution of human movement.

I secretly imagine myself in a cottage on a hill, no one and nothing around but beautiful unfettered scenery and this impossibly brilliant moonlight.  The wind sweeping some leaves up and around … grass swaying in time to the rhythm of its furious and persistent  flow. Nothing to fear,  nothing to lose.  Just the opportunity to enjoy natures violent display. 

Still, this moon illuminates my neighborhood, now silenced under the dramatic roar of the hurricane which assaults my windows, and pressing itself against my creaking roof, reminding me of where I really am.  The moon beckons me outside, tempting me… like a siren song… to peril and danger, just for the desire to take it in, to drench myself in its sensual glow, and not having to share it with anyone. 

The hopeless romantic in me is enthralled by the allure of selfishly basking in the beauty of its smoky, silvery  light, letting my long blonde hair fly freely around my face and shoulders and pretend that I am absorbing some sort of magic… an effervescence I can feel coursing through my body and soul. 

Trying to love you was like trying to catch a star.

I’ve always wanted my very own star… 

The way you shine. The way you’d wink at me. The twinkly glow seemed to be just for me.  But no matter how hard I tried, stretched, reached… I never even got close to touching you.

so I loved you from afar… watching you burn away in the night sky.