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Well,  it’s that time of year again.  “The Holiday season”  Not sure why we call it that, because there are so any holidays throughout the year…  But, Christmas/ New Years seems to get the crown.  So, I’d like to talk about that…

Christmas – the mere mention of it evokes all kinds of powerful emotions in so many.  I am no different.  Ghosts of Christmas past haunt me, But Thanks to a fresh perspective, handed to me a little while ago by dear friend, I realize how this year is so very different.  This one will be set apart…  worlds apart…  

This is going to be my first Christmas in my new life. I get to make it any way I want, and frankly, I want to make it as zany and fun filled as I possibly can!

Who says I need to follow “tradition”?  Whose “tradition” is it anyways?   What if I want to create my own traditions?  I think I will.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll put up a tree, since one was so generously donated us by my parents, {which I appreciate a great deal}  and I’ll put up lights and decorations, because they’re sparkly, and pretty, and I like that… We can make up some decorations too,  {since many of my pretty glass decorations fell victim to a 300lb gorilla} The decorations will have to be unique, and fun, and representative of *US* and our hopes and our wishes.  Magic and love will be integrated into every last inch of our Christmas.   But the presents are NOT going under the tree.  I’m thinking they need to be hidden like Easter eggs and my kids are going to have to search. Won’t that be fun?!?! Yes,  it will.  

It’s pretty exciting, once I was able to see it with the proper perspective. This really is going to be the first Christmas of my new life, In my new home, and I’m going to make sure it’s the best Christmas possible. We may even eat dessert before dinner… who knows.

Oh, and conoconuts…  there *WILL* be conoconuts! ImageImage

One thing is for certain, During the holidays, I fully intend to cherish those whom inspire me , elevate me, and bring joy to my life. I don’t have a very big Christmas budget, and so i can’t really afford to buy presents for all the people i care for, But it’s my goal to share some magic this holiday season …   Magic is made in so many ways… It’s in the little things, {that *some* people don’t even register.  It comes from the heart, and it grows when you share it. 

I sincerely hope that this Christmas will successfully set the pace for future Christmases that will glow with new traditions of Magic, Love, Zaniness, Laughter, Warm Fuzzies, and definitely Conoconuts!