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I feel magic in the air.

It began as a spark,  a drop of something luminescent and magnificent, and it is beginning to take shape.  After having been in the dark for so long that I’ve lost track, this simple spark breathed new life into my spirit which is now beginning to glow.

I have never felt better about being me. I don’t know why, or how it finally occurred to me that I am good enough, just the way i am… but it feels good to be this person that I am.. as is.

It’s like breaking through a huge barrier that I’ve built and fortified over many many years of confusion.  It kept the misery in, and the sun beams out.  Now all I want to do is bathe myself in the light, enjoy the skin I am in, as it glistens with my new found sense of self worth.

Revelation number one.  *I am good.*  I have no intentions nor inclinations of malice or malevolence.  I wish ill fate on no one. I wish only for the health and well being for all that i know, and perfect happiness for all that i love.  I am not perfect, and I won’t pretend to be, because that’s false, and I refuse to fake it. Not perfect and not angelic.    I have flaws.  so what.  I mean no harm, so why shouldn’t I be okay with them?  There is no reason why i shouldn’t.  I this is me.  I am good.

Revelation number two.  *I am beautiful*  I’ve never felt beautiful before.  I wouldn’t even believe anyone for saying so.  In my 34 years, this is the first time *I* believe that I am beautiful. Am I a supermodel? NO! again, I have flaws. my flaws, imperfections, whatever they are called, they make me uniquely beautiful. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t intend to seem like I’m egotistical, or stuck up, or full of myself…  but it’s nice that I FINALLY feel like a beautiful woman.  I think I’ll enjoy this feeling for a while.

Revelation number three.  *I deserve to be HAPPY*   This is a big deal right here…  I have been trying so very hard to get myself to believe this.  I would attempt to convince myself and others, but until I could believe wholeheartedly that I truly deserve happiness, I was never going to accept it within myself. And now I feel it growing within me, and it feels like magic, shines through the darkness, and radiates outward onto others close by.  My happiness builds when I share it… And I intend to.

What started with a spark, is flickering into a flame…

I want to set the world ablaze and dance in the fire!