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So, it’s been a while… I haven’t been posting here and there are many reasons for this, the biggest of all is the eternal excuse “I was busy”  but when I say I’ve been busy, I’m not kidding.

There have been big changes in my life pretty much nonstop since this year began… My marriage of 15 years ended violently, a car wreck that left me and my kids without a vehicle, the death of my dear and beloved Peter. All whilst going through the tediously painful court process of trying to get/keep full custody of my two amazing children, and working all week, just to try to make enough for my now family of 3 to just barely scrape by. But these are all what is known and acknowledged…  since then there has been more to add to the saga.

It’s hard to know quite where to start…

I have won sole and exclusive custody of my kids, mainly due to their father putting our oldest sons life at risk while driving 110 mph on Nichols road while my poor son was literally begging for his life. His father told him to shut up, and that he wouldnt die, and then nearly hit a car that was trying to change lanes in front of him… at 110 mph there is no way to react in time to any sort of road hazard… and at 110 mph there can be no survivors. My son displayed the most incredible bravery…  of his own accord and after having talked to his attorney, he turned his own father in to the police. Since then, the jerk has refused to have anything to do with our oldest son.  But this was the catalyst that won me sole and exclusive custody.

There have been 2 more deaths in the “office family” first and foremost our company patriarch Leon Karol. The man who built Dart Mechanical from the ground up…  created a small empire, with an impeccable reputation. When Mr. Karol ran the place, it was like a well oiled machine. we would get jobs without even really having to put in much negotiation during bidding, why?  because the company was worth paying more, to get the job done right, and neatly, and respectfully, and on time! Our company had pick of the litter with any and all major GCs  since Mr.Karol retired, this isn’t the case… I’d rather not go into that.  Mr. Karol was so much more than a phenomenal  businessman he was a phenomenal man, he was a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, husband, friend, and a veteran of WWII. A true hero, he was a medic and part of the very first battalion to be sent to Europe to fight, and experienced much of the worst of all that war had to offer, first hand, thru the thick of it and earned various medals during the “Battle of the Bulge” he was one of only 2 survivors of his group. so sad.  he was a kind soul and a truly gentle man. His 87 years of life brought much good to the world, and he has had a positive impact on many lives, including my very own family for 4 generations.** RIP Mr. Leon A. Karol. you have been missed for a long time. I am glad you are finally at peace sir. ❤ **

The second death was one of our Project Managers, Mr. Robert Albert. He was highly intelligent, a dedicated and loyal man, some opinions of him varied, say what you will, the man lived a long life, and deserves to be respected for the good he has done in his lifetime. Whats more is he may have been gruff in some ways but he was warm hearted in others, and the man gave his job his all! **RIP Bob Albert **

Well, with that sentiment, I move on to the next big change… I’ve moved!

No easy task for a single mom of 2 kids with a rather smallish income… and all done, soup to nuts, in 3 weeks time!  what a whirlwind!!!  In fairness, I never could have done it without the help of my very dear friend and co-worker {I’ve adopted him as family!}Eugene, who has been like my own personal super hero in so many ways.  I just don’t know what I would do without him. I’m really not sure that I could ever thank him enough for all he does/has done.  So now I find myself in this new place, which is smaller, but still, I like it so much better here. Plus, the school district is better! =)  YAY!  the apartment is still stuffed to the gills with boxes and boxes and tons of “stuff”…  and i find it rather daunting to go thru it all and decide what stays {and where the hell is it going?} and what’s getting the boot. {and am I going to get in trouble for that in court?}  I try to be quite careful with the items I feel will come up in court, though I made certain to give almost everything back to the nearly ex that I knew was his, or figured he’d want. save the family stereo…  I know he’s been bitching over it, but like I said, it’s the family stereo. It’s staying with the family unless a judge tells me otherwise. I did however give him back two of the 4 speakers, hoping that would appease him for a while. lord knows I dont need {or want} anything excessive  anyhow.

Aaaah there I go again, off on a tangent. Back to the move; this is the first home of my own. My place to raise my kiddos. They like it here too! So much better than where we were. They have made friends here already! and even our dog is thriving like never before! Becoming more social and she’s got more room to run and play, without fear of raccoons or disastrous messes left behind by obnoxious, nosy, plotting, landlords. I have a big old deck with a beautiful view of my neighborhood and sitting there and watching the sky is one of my favorite things to do! life is a bit simpler here, and I appreciate that because I am at heart, a simple grrl.

So, as I sit here clickity clacking away on this silly “chicklet-style” keyboard {which I hate btw…} and I slowly survey the room around me it occurs to me that I still have much unpacking, and sorting, and figuring out, to do. Best to get back to it! I’ll try to write something better soon! {I have a feeling my inspiration will be returning to me sooner rather than later- as the sparks have already begun to stir} =)