Kindness in your heart will speak for you, when your words fail you…

I have given this a lot of thought lately. I am often unsure of what to say, or if what I’m saying is good enough. One thing I am certain of, is that if you know me… and understand that small soft place that I am coming from, then you will get my meaning even if I blurt out something ridiculous.

This goes the same in the other direction as well.

My thoughts have been more frequently turned toward peoples “spirit” {so to speak} lately and I find myself with many questions and many theories to fill in the gaps of my own understanding…

What makes some people so cold hearted and mean spirited?

I cannot understand the depths to which some people will go to be self serving.  I wonder if they were mishandled or if there is some part of their psyche that is poorly wired or even just plain damaged. I like to believe that most people can become kinder. Only a few are inherently “bad”. I have much hope for the grande masses though, I believe that almost anyone can be taught to be kinder, by example.

Which leads me to the main point…

Some people are seemingly made of goodness.  This is a concept I have only recently developed, and the theory is gathering weight as each day goes by.

To truly understand my meaning, I will need to share a small piece of my own history.  -I had been, for many years, in an abusive marriage which is recently ended. {the divorce is not final as of this date, but the process is well in the works}

I have not been exposed to many people outside my small scope of reality, for a a good many years. I only now, have the opportunity to step out into the world, and meet new people and learn about them and what makes them tick, and what makes them unique.  I have discovered that in times of trial, some people seek you out to prey on you, for their own advantages, yes… this is the sad truth… But, there are others…

When my marriage came to an end, it was like a landmine went off in the middle of my whole life. the shrapnel of my existence lie about me on the ground, and more shards have disbursed themselves off into the distance.  So many pieces. The task of picking them up is a daunting one…

Kindness and grace found its way to me from all around… The people that love me came forward and rallied around me. They became the soldiers of my heart, defending the light of my spirit. The pieces slowly began to collect and reassemble. The job is not complete and there are a great many holes, but I am stronger every day, and I find that when I stumble, and I need to be picked up. I can turn to my loved ones and they are right there… Even from 1800 miles away.  I am forever grateful.

Since then I have gotten out a bit, met new friends and discovered something intriguing.  There are some people that are wired like me… with an enormous capacity for kindness.  These people still surprise me every day.  I am proud to know them and plan to keep them in my life, and return all the love I can give.

It’s actually easier to show kindness than it is to reject someone. And sometimes, its easier to help someone else than it is to help yourself. Remember the last time you felt your heart sink over something, and there was that one unexpected comment that made you feel better.

The other day I had a moment where I felt my spirit dropping because I was trying to describe something to a friend and began to feel worthless.

My friend said *** “Stop! You are important to me”*** and stole my breath away.

One simple sentence.  Profoundly powerful moment.

I remember when the thoughts found their way back into my head, the first thing that occurred to me was that this may very well be the best thing anyone could ever say to me. Instantly I was shaken from the downward slope I was on and placed upright, with a good view of what was going on there. My spirits were lifted because after all… I am important to someone, someone good, someone real, someone that has NOTHING to gain from me. Yes, my dear, dear friend. You are important to me too.

It doesn’t have to be that profound either.  A moment of measured silence while a friend rants on and on about something that is bothering them… A silly gesture… An inside joke… heck a random tickle perhaps?

The point is Kindness is all around us. In some places it is more concentrated than others, but its contagious and it grows… Take a moment to recognize it for what it is, and then start small. Tell your friends and family that you like them… tell them why you like them, give them examples, traits, stories… Reminisce with your loved ones…  Hug a co worker that’s having a crummy day… Compliment a stranger…

It isn’t rocket science, but common decency.